21.12 2018

The advantages of the italian way of life

The advantages of the italian way of life

Italian people are well known for their specific lifestyle that differs them from other countries. As study found, they are considered as very healthy people in the world. Generally, Italian way of life aims to stay healthy and happy during the lifetime.

Habits and advantages of Italian way of life that may interest you

  •  Eating together

Eating together is really interesting and included in the commonest habits in Italy. Italian people are used to preparing and sharing food together. Dining with family is a very good way to make relatives closer and more tied to each other. This is because family relationship is one of the most important things that they never neglect in life.

  •  Drinking less alcohol

In the case of drinking, less alcohol is considered as enough for Italian people. They like drinking and having fun with friends and family but they are always kept from total drunkenness. What most Italians consider "excess" may seem to be less to some people from other countries. One the one side, this kind of lifestyle is good for the body health but it also shows more about the good behavior that Italians have.

  •  Eating more fresh fruit and vegetables

Italy has a large variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables. This is one of the reasons why Italian people become used to eating fresh fruits and vegetables all along their life. Italians prefer going to the market often to avoid eating less nutritious food. This way of living has a very important role in the health and which is one of the best ways that makes Italian people healthy.

  •  Being more tactile

Whenever you are with an Italian, you may notice that they are really touchy-feely. They are easy to get excited and tend to touch you to show happiness. It is sometimes by embracing or by putting their hands on your shoulders. This habit seems to be strange for other people but it is one of the good ways that they use to show their kindness. So this attitude makes Italians really attractive and easy to communicate with.

  •  Drink one glass of wine a day

One of the most consumed beverages in Italy is wine. It is basically part of the country's culture. A bottle of wine is often there during any mealtime of the day when having lunch or dinner with Italians. Red wine presents many advantages which take a very important role in our body's health. For example, it contains antioxidants, it reduces the risk of heart diseases, and it boosts the immune system.

Experience the life in Italy?

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