11.12 2018

The university course you can take in Italy

The university course you can take in Italy

Italy has offered a large number of university courses to local and foreign students from almost all over the world. Students have many options to choose from according to their preference and their intended-career. Some of Italian universities require an exam for matriculation with limited places. Here are some of the commonest university courses that you can take in Italy. 

Italian language course

Italian language has become one of the most learned languages in the world. In tourism, professions and in many other situations related to communication, Italian language is really useful. Italian Language University offers perfect classes for students of all levels.

The course aims to make students speak, write and understand well as native speakers. It mainly encompasses grammatical rules, conversations with idioms and slangs and vocabularies. The class is always followed by various activities to help students improve their Italian in a natural way. Among the best places to study Italian languages in Italy are Rome, Sicily and Florence.

Fashion styling course

It is all about providing and improving fashion skills. The program provides students with ways and tools of developing fashion strategies which follow the current standard. So the professors aim to teach students to develop a creative interpretation of fashion trends.

In addition, the other objective of this course is also to help students improve the fashion communication. That is to say that they should have the ability to make new fashion famous and valuable in the global market. In summary, after graduating, students are able to create new fashion styles and transfer the values of artifacts to wide range of customers.

Contemporary architecture course

Everyone with an interest of arts, architecture and culture can take this Italian university course. The course focuses on knowledge about the historical backdrop of contemporary architecture and culture. It allows students to discover the hidden strategies of fascinating and inspiring exhibitions and cultural events.

Trainees are guided to visit various architecture sites and events during their studies. They also have the opportunity to meet organizers and participants to help them better understand the facts. Finally, a certificate will be offered to those who completed to course as a reward.

Hospitality Management Professional Program

This is a specific course which provides with knowledge and tools in tourism and other kinds of hospitality. They will focus on the economic impact of tourism and hospitality from different factors. The program encompasses:

  •  Contemporary Hospitality
  •  International Marketing & Tourism Studies
  •  E-Business & E-Commerce
  •  International Business Decision Making

Studying in Italy

Studying in Italy gives people a great opportunity in professional positions through the globe. The country is also one of the best places that tourists should not miss to visit once in a lifetime. So it will allow you both to experience the beauty of the area and get a wide range of knowledge.

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