Moving to Italy for studies : tips and advices

Moving to Italy for studies : tips and advices

University residence or roommates? Metro or bike? Telephone subscription or prepaid cards? To avoid the stress of returning to Italy, and anticipate your budget, prepare your "dolce vita" in advance.

Italy in long and wide

The big cities all have metro and bus networks. The ticket per unit costs 1.50 € on average, but interesting monthly subscriptions are offered to students. Cycling is a widespread means of transport. Several municipalities have a self-service bicycle system, such as the BikeMi, in Milan. The annual subscription is 36 €. The first half hour is free for a conventional bike and costs 25 cents for an electric bike.

And if you want to travel the country, the InterRail Italy pass is a good plan: it gives you the opportunity to benefit from discounts by train and ferry journeys. The most popular formula, at € 92, allows unlimited travel for 3 days over a period of 1 month. Universities usually offer Wi-Fi on their campus. Thanks to WhatsApp or Skype, it will be just as easy to communicate with your Italian friends as with your family in your country.

For local calls, opt for a toll-free prepaid card. For a few euros, you can get an open line for 1 year. Then, you buy credits according to your needs. The main operators are Telecom Italia Mobile, Vodafone, Wind and Tre Italy. As for transportation, food, outings, the cost of living in Italy is more or less similar to other countries of Europe. To get an idea of the budget to provide here are some prices.

  •  Bus / metro ticket: € 1.50
  •  Monthly transport card: 35 €
  •  Taxi (1 hour trip): 30 €
  •  Gym: € 54.20
  •  Cinema ticket: 8 €
  •  Bottle of water: 0,54 €
  •  Cappuccino: 1,15 €
  •  Soda: € 1.71
  •  Fast food menu: € 7.50
  •  Restaurant for two: 50 €

Residence and roommate in Italy

In Italy, places are expensive in university residences. They are reserved primarily for Italian students. Reason why foreign students generally opt for flat sharing! To find a room in an apartment, you can clear the land from your country, but the best thing is to go there one or two weeks before the start of the school year. Book a place in a youth hostel and carefully decorate the classifieds.

Another option is to contact a student already in exchange as soon as possible, for example by asking for contact with your institution's international relations department. One of these students may be able to give you his apartment when he leaves. Count between 200 € and 450 € per month for a single room shared, depending on the city.

Find the best flight price

Once your date is set, the next step is buying your plane ticket. And your best ally for doing good business is on the net. For this, visit the Opodo website. With the exclusive discounts that the site has, for students booking on Opodo is a great way to save money.

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